Make a motion like you're tapping a key on your keyboard - no need to tap the actual monitor or the Leap,                a small motion works well.


Sample Configuration XML Edit


 <isMouse attr="false"></isMouse>

 <ctrl attr="false"></ctrl>

 <alt attr="false"></alt>

 <win attr="false"></win> 

 <shift attr="false"></shift>

 <virtKeyCode attr="256"></virtKeyCode>

 <keepPressed attr="false"></keepPressed>

 <release attr="false"></release>


Example - On Clap, custom script "A" is run

('Custom scripts are batch files that you can edit to have many tasks for the system to complete at once.  For example, you can change the screen resolution, run your favorite media player program and open Facebook all with a single gesture!')

All key codes are defined in this text file